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Director experienced in search optimization, lead generation, web development, design, and social media.

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Hello there. I'm Nick.

I am a designer, developer, SEO, and all around alright guy from Illinois. I work at Dream Town Realty where I manage lead generation, front-end development, search optimization (just to name a few).

From a kid building PC's out of spare parts to a college student who took an interest in digital design, all the way up to a web director of a real estate brokerage, I have always had a love for all things digital. Along the way, and along with the help of amazing companies I have worked for, I was able to catapult my experience and knowledge and turn them into a career and a passion.

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Why I What I Do.

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Dream Town Realty

Blue Ridge Heating & Air

Play Monkey Island

Gaines & Puljic

Biggest Loser Run/Walk

Designed and developed the website for the The Biggest Loser's race series.